1. "She wears all black
    just like her soul
    yet her heart is made of gold."
  2. photographyishype:

Cherry blossom.


    Cherry blossom.

  3. Roads that led me to You.

    Roads that led me to You.

  4. InsyaAllah.


  5. Life is a lot more interesting seen through a kaleidoscope.

  6. "There are times to stay put, and what you want will come to you, and there are times to go out into the world and find such a thing for yourself."
    ― Lemony Snicket (via psych-quotes)
  7. islamicgirl:

❤️ #bestlove #blessed #alhamdulillah


    ❤️ #bestlove #blessed #alhamdulillah

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"Won't do as I'm told to believe,
I wear my heart on my sleeve"
Flawz - Caitlin Crosby